To Sheraton with love….

Posted by Bruce on October 16, 2011
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What a week!  Gloria!!  From Thanksgiving on it has all been a blur!!! We all love having dinner parties right? I know I do and it’s so important to do it right or don’t do it at all. We had a scrumptious 12 course meal…. Gaseous!!!!  and yes we were also grateful!  We loved having everyone but next year we think it’s your turn! :o)

After our much needed repose John and I cleaned house and got ourselves pulled together for our trip to Hamilton to see Cirque Du Soleil – Michael Jackson The Immortal Tour.  I don’t want to jump ahead of myself here but holy crap, OUTSTANDING!!  I digress, so on the bus madam heavy foot gets us on the highway.  I thought we were going to die.  For every turn of that wheel I thought we were headed into the ravine. I could not understand the speed.  Ok we have an hour to get there, no?!!!!  I mean honestly our last turn into Hamilton the bus leaned so far to the left my tongue went into the ear of the guy sitting across the aisle from me “Horrific!”.  Get on the GO!!!! Like it or not!

On our arrival at the Sheraton we entered the lobby with some apprehension.  Our last visit was pretty disappointing so our nerves were appropriate.  There was a stunning young man at the desk who greeted us with a firm “Good Evening.”  I knew right then and there that it was going to be.  He was polite professional and very pleasant.  He got our keys and welcomed us in like it was his own home.  I wish I had gotten his name.  John and I could feel already that the atmosphere was greatly improved from our visit a few months back.

When we arrived to our room waiting on the buffet was a beautiful gift basket signed from the Sheraton team and a card that was the cherry on the cake from Adreana the director of sales.  Adreana was a God sent! She addressed our concerns from our last visit and made every effort to ensure our stay was going to be the most perfect experience. The chocolates were through the roof fabulous!!!! We ordered in room service, prime rib and chicken tenders with sides and a lovely red wine. We decided to call it an early night and so off to bed we went…..

The next morning Adreana touched base via email to make sure our night was restful! I think the Sheraton is very lucky to have her. She understands customer service and presence it with style. I just couldn’t get going in the morning.  Do you ever feel that way when on a vacation.  You want so badly to get out and see the town but those amazing beds just beckon you back like a moth to a flame.  We were lazy, we were fabulous!

John and I decided to order ourselves some afternoon delight.  It arrived shortly after 6 and was all done by 7pm.  You can order anything to your door, I love this city! Then we got damn hungry!!! We tried to have dinner at the hotel restaurant but failed to make reservations.  We ended up at the Honest Lawyer!!!! They were having a special Michael Jackson tribute since The Immortal Tour was in town.  It was very cool, all the videos and everyone was dressed like the King of Pop! I was in heaven. We ordered two burgers and fries and for cocktails we decided on a Caesar and Manhattan….. unfortunately the food never came.  We waited for an hour and asked our waiter about four times, where the freak our food was.  You win some you lose some!!!! This time we were going to be hungry!

Off to Cirque we go!!!!! It was so amazing and not just because I happen to love Michael Jackson but because it was clear we were in the presence of some music greats and acrobat geniuses!!!  When I was a kid I could dance just like MJ!!!! I’d love to get the chance to do that one more time!  He was the reason I started singing, anyway, and without the dance I would have continued being overweight probably for most of my adolescence…Thanks M.J you were a chubby boys greatest work out!!!! You and the 20 minute workout. Do you remember that show.  One more and two more stretch it through the groin….and those crotch shots!!!

Well kids we laughed we cried and we slept away the stress of this exhausting week!!!! Thank you Sheraton for everything and Adreana we will certainly be back for more Hamilton adventures!!!! We have yet to see your art gallery!!!!

out of 5 kisses The Sheraton Hamilton gets!!!

4.5 kisses!!!!!!!

Unfortunately I can’t say the same for “The Honest Lawyer” that honestly left us starved for attention!!!

1 kiss out of 5!!!! :o(

Hey here is something fun!!!!!!

The JPS Thanksgiving Dinner!!!!!

1. John’s Turkey

2. Stuffed Stuffing

3. Vampire Red Cabbage

4. Smushed Potatoes

5. Marvelous Mornay

6. Cocky Cucumber Salad

7. Tangy Tomato Salad

8. The Gravy Train

9. Crazy Carrots and Peppy Parsnips

10. Can’t stop eating Cranberry Sauce

11. Gallant Green Beans

12.  Mom’s Blueberry, Pumpkin and Lemon Mar-rang Pie!!!!!!

For any of these recipe’s hit me up at

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