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Posted by Bruce on September 04, 2022
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I was at a local grocery store the other day. Just a normal, low-key in and out to grab some steaks. I was planning on making dinner for my brother and his partner. I had a couple of bags with me already as I had stopped in at my favorite pot shop and a plant shop, so my hands were a bit full. However, I really needed to grab my ingredients for my dinner night. I usually always have my phone with me and this trip was no exception. I always have to be really careful because it seems so easy for me to get side tracked and lose my phone, but since I was already aware of this problem, I kept my phone close by me. When I got up to the cash, I recognized the teller. A wonderful friend of mine I hadn’t seen in years. We got chatting it up and sharing quick updates and it was a bit overwhelming, in a good way of course. I paid for my goods and we said our goodbyes. As I left the store, I realized I didn’t have one of my bags. The one with the pot and my phone. My sacred phone….

I quickly looked through my grocery bags to see if I had somehow put it in there. I saw nothing. The panic began setting in! I went back to my friends till and asked if she say my bag. Nope, no bag. Shit! I can’t believe I had just lost my phone, not to mention some fabulous green. I was so pissed. I went through the store frantically. I was in full panic mode and I was attracting the attention of other shoppers. They actually started helping me look for my phone. My friend got security for me and we were going through baskets and looking under shelves. Actually, security was a little weird with me as I was carrying a bag of bread that didn’t fit into my grocery bag and I think he thought I was trying to make a distraction with my story to steal the bread.

One lady made a great suggestion to call my phone so she lent me hers and I dialed. Ring! Ring! Ring! Oh, damn I could hear it faintly. It was definitly in the store. I called it back. I was moving around hunting as it rang away. People were hearing it! We were looking up and down. Where was it! It was somewhere near the cash.

I slowed myself down long enough to really focus on where the ring was coming from. It felt like it was below me. Maybe under the shelf. Maybe in someone’s handbag. It was right on top of me! Oh my god! I can hear it. As a half dozen or more people stood around watching me look for my phone, I realized it was coming from inside one of my own grocery bags. I reached in and pulled out my phone. I was so relieved and then I was so embarrassed. Everyone’s eyes were on me and my eyes were on my phone that I had the whole time.

A woman asks me where my phone was and as on lookers stared at me like I was insane I quietly said it was in my bag. My friend from long days past must have thought I was out of my mind. I was fifty shades of red. I took my phone and I left as quickly as possible. But not before thanking everyone, I mean everyone for helping me. I laughed all the way home.

That’s when I decided I needed to turn this crazy day around after my fabulous dinner. My bro and I went to a local karaoke bar “Tonic.” Such a great place and we sang our faces of till the wee hours! The staff and customers were amazing. So amazing I had an after party at my house where the festivities continued on past 5am.

Happy Labour Day weekend!

Author: Bruce Christopher

Editor: Martin Rye

Hair by: Polo Blendz

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