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Posted by Bruce on February 25, 2018
Check it Out!, Try It!

Hey Brucesters!

Ok, who hates February? Dirty, moist, dank, dark and dreary! I can’t stand February! Even though I love Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day and of course the celebration on my partners B-Day. I still can’t stand February. February is like not having enough toilet paper on the role. Your stuck there and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it but shake it off the best you can. Sometimes, I think it’s this little old blog of mine that gets me through the dark days of winter. It forces me to get out and find my little stories to ramble on about and I still enjoy the process. What I don’t like is February. I gotta be honest by the time I get to the end of the winter season I barely even want to leave my condo. The beautiful thing is sometimes you just don’t have to.
I was in Peterborough awhile ago to see my family and we all decided to get together at one of my brother’s girlfriend’s houses for pizza. They were all excited about a pizza place called Free Topping Pizza! They were like, “you can get all the toppings you like and the price is brilliant”. Well, the pizzas were ordered and it was great value for the price. We just devoured that meal like there was no tomorrow.

After the party ended, I had to make my way back to Toronto to ring in the new year with my man and we ordered from our usual place Pizza Nova. They do have good pizza but we always feel gouged in the pocket book. 

It usually costs somewhere in the ballpark of $50+ to get our large pop and wing combo and I usually end up feeling like an idiot for spending that kind of money on something that is so cheap to produce. What do you do though? Ya, sure we could eat at Pizza Pizza, but that, in my own opinion, has to be the worst tasting decorated cardboard this side of the Equator. Although, I still enjoy their cheap walk in special if I’m literally out if edible options. Which is like never!!!!! Here’s where ones dreams come true, my friends. Free Topping Pizza is now in Toronto. Now, I don’t know how long it’s been here but I received a flyer at my door about two weeks ago. 

I usually hate people dropping crap at my door but but when I saw this flyer my heart skipped a beat. Honestly, I don’t know how these other pizza joints stay in business. The pizza is so good, the toppings are free (except for the extra cheese) and the price is amazing. The price difference is roughly $20 bucks for the deal I mentioned earlier and you get unlimited toppings. You’re have to be an idiot to order from anyone else. Well there are a lot of idiots out there so I have no doubt those other pizza places will continue to gouge people with their permission. As for me and my home when it’s a gloomy cold and raining day in the city and I don’t want to venture out in fear of freezing my nads off. I’ll be calling Free Topping Pizza! I’ll declare top me up buddy. Top me up!

5 kisses out of 5


Guest Editor: John P. Sigerson

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