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Posted by Bruce on September 09, 2012
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Lets me just start by saying, I love my life! Well 95% of it. The other 5% are those annoying telemarketing calls I get at 10 pm every night!  Oh I just get a flame when I get tricked into picking up the phone.  Well earlier last week when I got that 10 pm call I was a thrill to hear it was an invite to a red carpet gala! Oh well I don’t know let me check my calendar.  Am I available????? Well hell yes! You know me. I just live for premieres and galas almost as much as go nuts over a great cannoli! Well it’s a very close call.

I arrived fashionably late to a plethora of photographers and media.  As my anthem “We are Family” sounded over the fabulous sound system it was time! I was ready for my red carpet debut!  I sachet in like a night of old and snap snap snap went the paparazzi!!!! I was in my glory!!!!

Ok fine, It didn’t play out quit that perfectly but my tie was perfect and the hair was fierce! Now that I replay the moment actually, I might have been a tad over shadowed by another Canadian icon who was already towering over his fans like a beacon of light! Standing a mere 6’2, I felt like a pretty hobit coming back from the shire, next to him. Towering as he was “Mr. Corson” the host with the most was in his element as celebrity, hockey star and wine bar and restaurant owner of one of the hottest hot spots in Toronto “TAPPO” I’ll get back to that in a moment!

Now believe it or not as I have said before. I love my game of hockey! It’s not your typical pastime for a fellow such as myself but I have enjoyed many a good game from my warm box seat with my double buttered popcorn and my champagne on ice. Meeting Mr. Shayne Corson and getting to share in some good banter and outstanding cocktails was a genuine honour.

Here are just a few butt kicking facts about this Canadian Hockey Star

Shayne Corson captained three NHL clubs during his 19 season professional career. That’s fabulous! He has also played for Team Canada at the Canada Cup, World Junior Ice Hockey Championships, World Cup of Hockey, and 1998 Winter Olympics. Outstanding! Shayne was known as a gritty player, with good instincts both offensively and defensively, and a good leader. “We just sound so similar don’t we?” He represented his teams three times at the NHL All-Star Game, having scored 693 points and earning 2357 penalty minutes during his 1156 game regular season NHL career. In addition, he scored 87 points and earned 291 penalty minutes in 140 playoff games.  Now I am not sure I know what all that means but one thing I can say for sure “What a slacker, clearly!”

It’s incredible really.  We watch these great icons and for the most part we have no idea of the dedication and back breaking investment it takes to achieve this level of accomplishment. It’s truly inspiring! In addition to Shayne’s professional life he with Darcy Tucker (retired hockey player, Maple Leafs) has been actively invloved with the building of a cancer care facility, the Simcoe-Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre, as part of Barrie’s Royal Victoria Hospital.

Amongst Shayne’s  business ventures “TAPPO” (w Armando Russo) has easily become one of Toronto’s leading hot spots in the distillery district.  To even try and express the experience of TAPPO would be to do it a dis-service. Therefore friends I encourage you to savour the delight of this extraordinary establishment.  I am posting their exclusive website at the end of this blog and will let you discover this gem for yourself! TAPPO will certainly be one of my must go to places to dine and share with my friends. Hey my partner and I are still looking for the perfect place to celebrate after we marry next October, hmmm. I smell perfection!


I hope you are all enjoying the new “Book Club” novel “Rebecca” and until next week, your just going to have to wait for all that Gala gossip!

Keep dreaming! Keep believing! And Answer that late night call, cuz you just never know!!

Je T’aime


wine bar and restaurant

55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4

(647) 430-1111

5 kisses out of 5!

Plus one big Salut to Natale Armeni the “Restaurant Manager” who worked his restaurant and lounge like a well oiled machine! It was no easy task!!! You rock my friend!


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