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Posted by Bruce on October 13, 2013
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It is 7:53 am on this day before Thanksgiving.  The sun is beginning to brighten the sky and it’s overcast here in the city.  The ravine from my window shows so many colours now. Fall is here and showing off in true “Rainbow Fashion” (J. Mitchell).  I take a deep breath and take a moment to slow down.

My parents are coming for a visit today. We are going to take in some church. Jude, my partner recently got a new position as music director at a church in the west end. I thought it would be grand to all go and support him.  Plus, although I don’t go to church much anymore, mostly because I can’t stand the hypocrisy. This weekend is just not about focussing on that.

The sky continues to become brighter from the view out my window.  I take another deep breath and exhale. The city can “spin you around like a record” (Dead or Alive) on the wrong speed but today I refuse to be taken on that ride. I want to be still. I want to be grateful.

This week for some odd reason turned out to be a week where I reconnected with old friends. It wasn’t really planned that way. It just happened. After many months of, my str8 Italian friend “Vinny” being M.I.A, he finally resurfaced and invited me over to his place.  We sat in his beautiful background with a fire pit going, for warmth and he shared some pain the year had brought to him. It was sad but I was grateful he felt comfortable to share. What better way to deal with life’s storms but with wine and pizza, so very Italian. He is a great friend and I know he will be ok.  I will certainly be there should he need me again.

I stopped by Rob & Andy’s place this week. Actually twice! They are like family to me. These two guys have become a couple of my dearest friends and movie night and Joni Mitchell night and Glee night would not be the same without them.  The last few years have been crazy and they have been right by my side every step of the way.  They made a fabulous Mexican style dinner as we prepared for Glee the “Corey” episode. Makes you really appreciate life and the pursuit of it.

I met up with good buddy Tim this week. A friend that until today has never been mentioned on my blog. It was surprisingly touching how much he missed Jude and I and some real raw emotion lead to some new awareness’s and I think we all had to appreciate that in the end.  It makes me thankful to be able to be myself. So many friendships are built on  how perfectly fluffy every get together is but the real stuff is when you can accept the imperfections and see the real person standing in front of you.  I don’t want perfect friendships. I want a real ones.

As you know this month my partner and I celebrate eight years together. Eight years! It’s almost impossible to believe. We are so oddly matched I would never have guessed we would have lasted this long and still going strong.  I’m thankful I didn’t listen to the negative voices around me when we started dating because he has been a rock in my life.  He knows my person. Are we perfect? Certainly not! But if I was looking for perfect undefined I would say we were pretty damn close.

Well, it’s beginning to drizzle out now and I better start getting ready for my parents to arrive but I just wanted to take this moment to say thank you. Thanks to all my friends and family for being part of the energy that is my life.  Whether good, bad or ugly all of these relationships have changed my life and I have learned a little something from each one so thank you for that.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Truly Thankful,


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