Under the Neon Light

Posted by Bruce on January 13, 2013
Clubs and Bars

  I packed up my designer puppy and partner for a four day escapade away from the comforting chaos that is Toronto.  It is no easy task getting me to leave my concrete metropolis, but my family would eventually disown me if I didn’t make a couple a trips a year out their way.

I am not one to leave the spectacular in the hands of fate so I usually put together an events package to make sure we all benefit from my visit.  Let’s face it, when they come to me I have a large playground in which to entertain. Blush!

This trip however was out of my hands. My parents had really missed me over Christmas and put together, with tree and all the trimmings, a new year Christmas celebration. I know, hearing all about someone else’s Christmas pudding is no fun so I will just say, amazing! My parents really put on an amazing celebration. Which is, what I guess parents do.

After the event of Christmas was over, the phone rang.  It was my Bro Ron and Kate my Sis in Law (author and poet) They are always going on about how fabulous Peterborough is and wanted to show me the sites and sounds.  I certainly had a vision in my mind of what I would find in their downtown core. Tumble weed, maybe. A deserted bicycle from a summer past. A yarn store that sells fish lure.  I, of course had big city trepidation but it had been so long since our cocktail days at “The Pilot” in Yorkville and I missed their camaraderie.

I do really like small town’s and surprisingly enough, Peterborough is bold enough to call itself a city.  I just love that.  When in doubt just be a city.  I think places like this, in their vastness and charm, should be called “Titties” The beautiful blending of a historic town with the mammoth box store mentality of a city, wonderful!

As we walked in the coolness down through the old city streets, I could see very quickly it’s real charm.  I could see how spring and summer would paint a whole new canvas of travellers and artists.  I could understand why poets flock to the coffee houses and bars to slam! I could understand why in the quiet of the cold streets, people passing were smiling and heading in the same direction.  One word! Tonic!!!

Under the one neon light glowing through the fog was my worst fear! Karaoke!!!! Oh God no. I had been fooled. I had been bamboozled!  In all my years! In every town, city or tittie I had visited, I always refused the witchery that is karaoke!  I am a professional! I am a rising star winner. I am a talent that has gone by other names “Devin Williams” I am now drinking chocolate martini’s and singing “People Are Strange” by The Doors and “If I Had a Million Dollars” by The Barenaked ladies!!

The four of us blasted out song after song.  I got to use my never unleashed falsetto to strange redneck country songs and all I saw was plaid!!! In every colour of the rainbow!  Kate sang in her best Joplin/Nicks and Ron vocalized to every rock and country classic they could find! I gotta tell ya, When John and I busted out in “Don’t Rain on my Parade!” and the rednecks cheered in wonder and I just new we had found our Summer getaway!

We sang until 2 am and I had the time of my life. With my “City Pompadour” and Broadway classics in tail I felt like the talk of the town!  I think the boys in plaid loved me and really isn’t all of this, just about me being loved and adored! Well with family and new friends at my side and with Mira the owner and superior host in top form, I was certainly surrounded in allot of hospitable love!


5 kisses out of 5


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