Under the Weather

Posted by Admin1 on August 11, 2017
Check it Out!

Hey Brucesters! I’m taking this Sunday off as I’m under the weather. That reminds me off a boss I had at Holt Renfrew. I called in sick and used that expression when speaking with him over the phone. What was his name? Oh yeah “Henry”. Anyway when I returned to work he had prepared to write me up because he took the expression literally and thought I wasn’t coming in because I didn’t like the weather out that day. Ha what an idiot. 

So my weeks been shitty. Today is the one year anniversary of losing a dear friend to cancer. One of my wonderful cats “Lord Jasper” passed away yesterday and I’ve been fighting food poisoning from some chicken nuggets I got from Loblaws so ya I’m under the weather.

I should contact them so no one else gets sick but I can’t lift my head off my pillow.

Maybe I’ll see if Sarah or Erik would like to do a blog for us.

Anyway. Sick and rambling.

See you next Sunday!


Bruce in the City

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