Underwear? Under where.

Posted by Bruce on July 02, 2012
Try It!

Happy long weekend everyone! I hope you are all having an amazing time! Very quickly, I would like to give a few shout outs to some readers that have always made a point to post comments about my blog. “Mary Ellen, Anne, Jen, Marcie, Alex!!! Just to list a few. I love reading your comments. I am having a great weekend and today I am lying low, as I got in at 4 am from a fabulous party. I was the DJ! I know some of you were hoping to see me over the weekend, but it was too crazy. It took so much time to get organized. Instead, I send a great big Internet kiss from me to you!!!!! “SMACK”

OK, niceties aside. I have to do what I do best. That is pass my experience and my opinion on to you. Yes, that includes just about anything and everything that get tangled up in. I was a guest at an amazing three course dinner party and fashion show this week. It took place at one of my favourite restaurants “Cafe California”. I joined five friends to enjoy some good food, great wine, and fabulous underwear!!

It’s true! I went to one of my favourite events of the year. It was hosted by The Bay & Cafe California. We were delighted to see a plethora of very “in shape men” parade their fashion gotchies in and around the restaurant. They even took their silks and cottons out onto the patio. Now some of you may think that is kind of “out there”. But, if you step back and breath deeply, it is not much different than those lingerie parties of old. You know the ones – ”Tupper wear-wink wink, Victoria Secret” parties. All the girls would get together, giggle and choose lingerie. They couldn’t wait to surprise their husbands with when he got home from the factory. Well this is the same thing, but on a much larger scale. And, the audience is full of women, metrosexual men and of course the LGBT community.

Underwear for men has come such a long way since the days of fruit of the loom and I say bravo. No more belly button waist huggers. Men can finally get out there and get some sexy yet practical genital coverage without looking like “Gomer Pyle”. I’m afraid men in general are still very nervous about their relationship with their gotchies. I’m here to try and help you out. Does your man still wear those briefs like the ones his mommy used to buy him? There are so many choices today. Just because your man loves his briefs doesn’t mean they can’t have style!

Men in the city don’t seem to have this problem. I am not sure why. Maybe fashion in general is more front of mind. I’ll tell you go east past Scarborough and undies take a turn for the worse. I see undies. I have a membership at Goodlife. I see what their wearing. OK, that sounded creepy, but the point is, guys need to get some balls and take the time to discover the underwear department for themself. I think there is nothing less appealing than when a man gets his significant other to pick up undies with the bread and milk on the way home. I call it the “Mummy Substitution Syndrome!”

Are your men even aware that an underwear department exists? If they are, they should realize there is more than often multiple styles, shapes and sizes, just like a man! It doesn’t stop at waist high tighty whities. You know it’s a known fact that a ladies under clothing is a big deal for men, right? Well let’s pull something up for the ladies, shall we? At least, have something fabulous to pull down! I’m almost certain any drought you may be experiencing fellas can be corrected by a fabulous pair of fashion forward crotch huggers.

When in Toronto check out The Bay on Queen Street. They have some great stuff there. I am sure you can get some great underwear at your local Bay store to. So until next week, the only excuse for the lack of fashion underwear would be no undies at all! And who would want that

The Bay: Underwear Lines 4 kisses out of 5



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