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Posted by Admin1 on April 01, 2017
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One week since my birthday and already I’m thinking holy crap I’m 46.  46, how did this happen?  Well I know how it happened. The clock kept going around and bam now I’m 46.  Okay, so before I bore you with the sadness of aging, I’m just going to get on with what I do best, talk about me and oh ya, how fabulous I am.  Oh ya and my city of course.

Well my birthday was almost a bust.  Every year the same thing happens to me.  I’m all excited leading up to the big day and then on the big day I kind of get depressed.  Does this ever happen to you?  Luckily a new friend in my world gave me a tongue lashing and said get out and enjoy your day.

I decided to do just that.  Do you want to hear about it?  Okay, so I decided going downtown was a must.  First, one must get the day going with a Starbucks coffee.  I’m sorry that is just a have to do.  Walking the city streets is an exhausting campaign.  I picked one I had actually never been in even though I have spent much time in the area.  Right in the heart of Church St.  I grabbed my coffee and headed to the second floor to contemplate the day.

It is a very nice shop.  There was a window just to my side where the street was calling out to me.  I looked at my reflection in a large floor mirror and thought, “Why am I feeling down? This is my day.”  I picked myself up and dusted myself off and headed out for my birthday round about.

I decided to head up to Bloor Street, a very popular street in the city.  It is known for it’s high end retail strip and I was feeling a little in need for something of that speed.  I stopped into my old stomping ground.  If you have followed my blog over the years you may recall “Holt’s”, the place I love to hate but they do have the most fabulous eyewear wall.  And I just love a good pair of designer shades.

Mostly I hoped to bump into a very good friend of mine who has survived the Devil that wore Prada.  She is “Absolutely Fabulous” personified.  Actually she is my Karen Walker and I’m certain I have mentioned her on my blog before.  To my surprise she was working and we greeted each other with “You Bitch”.  Isn’t the love of a good friend just the best?  She told me she and her partner would be attending my birthday bash that evening.  I was stoked!

Well it was time for me to move along and so I wandered through Yorkville.  How can I explain Yorkville?  Well it used to be this very cool place artists like Joni Mitchell, Lenard Cohen, Neil Young etc would hang out and play in the 60’s and 70’s until of course the elite got in there and raped it of it’s soul.  So you’re getting the idea?

Ya, so now it’s full of snooty high end restaurants and boutiques where the service is bad and the fare over priced.  I do really love it there.  I feel so at home.  If only I wasn’t a poor writer/retail manager/singer/slash slash….

I’m so many slashes I can’t keep it all str8.  I have myself another Starbucks.  This time on the corner of Bay and Cumberland.  The place is kind of small but the barista behind the bar was very sweet.  I’d be back.

I wandered south on Bay Street.  I was feeling a bit more upbeat thanks to my legal addictive stimulants coursing my vanes.  I decided to sing one of my favourite tunes while cruising the downtown of my city “Downtown” by Patula Clarke.

As I made my way south and then east on Wellesley I decided I’d head back over to the village for an early cocktail.  By now I had received the usual pokes and Happy Birthday wishes on my Facebook page and so why not get into the spirit.  As you know if you are reading my blog, I’m on the look out for the best Ceaser in the city.  I’ve tried out E11even, Joey’s, The Firkin (in the village), The Hair and the Dog and a few others so I decided to hit up O’Grady’s and see what their Ceasers had to offer.  I’ll give you my ruling on that in a future blog.

I had a few get me going Ceasers and then well look at the time.  It was on to 4 p.m. and I needed to get home and get ready for my party.  The party I actually cancelled that morning in a dip of depression and then snapped out of it moments later when I received a text from that new friend of mine that said, “Stop feeling sorry for yourself and go out and enjoying your bleeping birthday!”

I arrived unfashionably early for my own party or everyone showed up rather late.  I’m not clear on that one but we all arrived and after spending some quality time in the bands boogie bus I was ready to party my face off.  “Something Extra” was playing at The Old Nick.  One of my favourite stomping grounds and one of my favourite local bands.  It’s not that far from home so it was the perfect spot for me to celebrate me.

I love that band as well and they really know how to blow the roof off a place.  They have a wide range of crazy ass renditions of everyone’s favourite rock, pop and funk tunes.  During a set break the lead vocalist Vance asked me to join them on stage.  It’s been a while since I have done any singing of that kind.  I’ve been doing classical and crooner stuff over the past few years.  Well what the hell I thought and so that funky groove of Stevie Wonder’s Superstition sounded from the stage as they invited me up to open up those sleeping soul pipes of mine.

Thanks everyone for a super awesome birthday!  I read all your notes and emails and tweets and everything else.  What a way to ring in 46.  It’s really so important to live each day like it’s the only one you’re going to get and you all made that particular day one of my finest.

Thank you!


This blog is dedicated to Juliet. Our resident vocalist. You will be forever missed.

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