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Posted by Bruce on May 17, 2020
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I love transformation stories. Not just physical but psychological. I’ve gotten to know a cool guy who lives in Lancashire on Instagram who turned his life around and is now honing his talent to make people laugh into an aspiring career. Martyn Williams is a 34 year old single Dad to 3 kids. He’s grateful that he and his ex have become best friends in spite of their break up. Martyn served in the military for 12 years. When he was discharged Martyn declined into a spiral of depression. Unfortunately, he started taking drugs and got addicted. PTSD and depression are prevalent in the military and support must be given any way possible. Which is one big reason I want you to get to know this good fellow. Not to mention he’s hilarious. Sadly in 2017 he tried to commit suicide. Thankfully, he wasn’t successful. He was then sent to prison but during that time he decided enough was enough and became clean and sober. He’s been drug free for three years now. Martyn says of his life now “I’m now all about spreading joy making people smile, helping those that have been through the same as me and those that are just not happy. If I can help one person then I feel I’m making a difference.”He’d love to get into acting and comedy and just make others laugh. He enjoys creating sketches like in Saturday Night Live. People that inspire Martyn are Robin Williams, Jim Carey, Will Smith just to name a few. I have no doubt this man will make his dreams a reality and I’ll be watching his career closely. It doesn’t hurt hes sexy AF! Follow Martyn William’s now on Instagram @the_viking42 Tell him Bruce sent you. Let’s grow that Instagram for a good old boy from the military! It’s the least we can do. 

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