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Posted by Bruce on March 11, 2012
Coffee Shops

Enough dreaming of Summer’s past. It’s time to get with the now and right now (we) gotta take (our) good friend and her hubby out for a Birthday treat.  I did offer to take them out for lunch at the Mandarin on Yonge Street but they had something else in mind.  Since it was her Birthday I thought “Sure” Although being the control freak that I am and a fan of Mandarin, I have to admit at first I was disappointed.

As we left our sunny glen-way, we were shocked at the weather! Felt like Spring had arrived early in the city and we were ecstatic!  We arrived at Laura and David’s place and stroked their wiener for a few minutes. They have the cutest little wiener dog! It came over not too long ago and dug at my carpet, lovely!

We strolled down the avenue until we reached “Patisserie La Cigogne” a cute dessert and coffee place on Bayview.  Laura and David looked pleased at their decision to take us there. I have to admit I was thrilled to have been introduced to this cosy little coffee stop.  The desserts were showing proudly and temptingly in the window. They looked absolutely wonderful. I new my lips would be loving that Creme Brulee, after I enjoyed lunch.

Mmmm, I had Le Quiche and spinach salad w/smoked salmon and brie and leeks. John ordered the Alsatian Classic Quiche with the salad. Laura and Dave shared a Baguette Le Parisien Sandwhich. It was something to see a couple that has been together for some time enjoying their shared experience. And yet I’m not even sure they appreciated the subtle moment they were having. It’s possible they did but couples can missed the small stuff. We all are so over aware of what we expect and most of the time we miss the unexpected sweet connections we have with that one we call lover. As we took in the atmosphere and each other, it quickly occurred to me that there is something to be said about chain restaurants, they just can’t give you the cultural uplift that these smaller boutique shops can give you.

I wish that people visiting or even living in Toronto are able to find these gems because I hear all the time that Toronto has no culture but that just isn’t what I find when you step off the main drag and investigate these coffee houses or family owned restaurants you experience a completely different Toronto. They survive the monster chains because it matters that you, as their guest are completely satisfied. Their is little room for error. These mega chains serve up assembly line food and when it is under expectation your complaint doesn’t seem to matter because they know there is a line up of client droids coming in right in behind you.

Think about it! Is there a reason we can’t stop for a homemade burger. It’s because that family restaurant doesn’t have a billion dollars to brainwash you like the golden arches so it’s what your mind thinks of first when your wanting a burger but it’s never the burger you really wanted. Don’t misunderstand I like my golden arches to but when you visit my great city, walk the avenue and get to know us on a more intimate level.

Just like lovers that miss the unexpected hanging on to the expected, so can travellers to a new city or town. Expect to experience the unexpected and suddenly you will fall in love with your new city as well as each other.

Here is to falling in love all over again!

Happy Birthday Laura!

5 kisses out of 5


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