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Posted by Admin1 on November 10, 2013
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I am not really the type of guy who feels the need to add comment to what is happening politically in and around my city.  Oddly enough, this week, I feel ignoring the obvious “Ford” overtones would be irresponsible of me.  Not really for political reasons really but for the pure interest in the human condition.

I, like many in Toronto and around the world, have watched obsessively with the comes and going’s of Mayor Ford. From the start it seemed there was some sort of weird shake down happening to and against “Ford Nation” and more personally Rob Ford.  I don’t follow politics very well I have to admit but I do try my best to know what is going on.

I never voted for Ford and I never really disliked him either but that didn’t seem to be the case for many who were waist deep in the waters of the political world. He never really made sense to me when I saw him trying to speak to his city and that fire red face of his always made me feel like he was moments away from having a heart attack, heaven forbid!

I myself have struggled with weight so I did sympathize at times with him but then could not seem to understand the photo’s of him grazing on just about anything and everything.  He did try for a moment to shed that fat only to fail embarrassingly in front of the city and the world.

He did try to keep some of his promises regarding his stay in office but his very noticeable condition clouded any good he may have felt he achieved. He just never rang true to me. Not even from the very beginning. I can’t relate to anyone who’s position starts from a place of anger and he did seem angry all the time didn’t he. Not to mention wound up, high strung, annoyed, sketchy even when trying to deal with any opposition.

All of the his antics were confusing to everyone and I think even his own supporters, if they were honest, couldn’t help but shake their heads at his very poor ability to communicate affectively.  Was Ford a complete idiot?  I don’t think so. How could a person so unhinged inside manage to rise to the top. High enough to lead an entire city?

What was going on inside the mind of a man that clearly struggled silently with some serious demons.  Let’s forget for just a moment that Rob is our Mayor.  Indulge me for just a moment if you can.  The real question is How does a person such as Rob Ford end up where he finds himself today.  Broken, and spilled out like a used up rock star.  What kind of people influenced his life and what really were his dreams long before he found himself posturing to be “King”.

I would personally like to know.  If I had the chance to sit down with Mr. Ford I would want to know what happened?  One thing is very clear to me. It’s not about the crack and it’s not just about the drinking.  The whole of his being is consumed with acting out, over indulging and being reckless.  I’m thinking something went very wrong in the development of a boy that became a man. That became a monster?

The revelation of the video of him cursing and threatening death. That is a man in real need of some help.  You don’t just get to that place over night.  I to have had some dark times. Thank God no one was taping me.

I think there are two things going on here.  First, he was hated from day one. I don’t know all the back story to figure it all out for you but let’s be real here, he was hated long before he became the Mayor.  Something just wasn’t right and the under current of the anti Ford campaign was strong, real and devastating.  The second is, Rob Ford should have never been Mayor.  Not because he was or is a bad person but because he wasn’t a good fit.

In every career one is suppose to ask themselves am I a good fit for this job?  If the answer is no then you don’t take the job.  I am the manager of a store that has been at the forefront of many world causes and life changing campaigns.  If I did not fully believe in those beliefs and causes then we wouldn’t be a good fit and as much as I would have enjoyed the job.  I would not have been able to really be the job.

Mayor Ford did not represent all of the people in this amazing city.  He did not really believe in the cities moral compass.  Imagine a man who could not find it in his heart to attend the Pride celebrations but could sneer behind closed doors smoking crack.  Put that statement with any social group “Ford could not find it in his heart to attend…. Please feel free to add your social group here!!!!”

It may be clear by my tone that I never voted for him.  I voted for the other guy but I also would never wish any of this train wreck on any man either.  At the end of the day I never bought into “Ford Nation”  And yes in my opinion he should step down.  But, we do need to relax on the witch hunt.

Let’s face it. Long before he was Mayor Rob Ford maybe he was just a guy wanting to make a difference.  Can we give the benefit of the doubt in that? Unless, of course we conclude he really is the great monster.

Sad and Angry.




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