“What a difference a gay makes!”

Posted by Admin1 on September 25, 2011

I just can’t help myself.  I love the Fall.  If for no reason than, that is when everyone comes back from their Summer escapades and I find myself feeling just a little less like “Lassie Come Home”.  Don’t get me wrong Summer is a great time of year to meet new slabs and blabs but I can’t help but miss the old faithfuls.  Tuesday was the season premiere of Glee and since most of my home boys and girls are fans of the show, as they should be, we, John and I decided to have a Glee party.   My invite list was short but distinguished, trying to choose the best of the best of my wine drinking, singing, musical lovin friends.

The day started out bright and magical as I lifted my head off my pillow and looked out my window into this great city.  I woke to Journey’s “Anyway You Want It”  of course one of the shows biggest and brightest numbers.  I got all showered up and headed off to work.  I got their nice and early and won a fabulous pair of Roeckl gloves at an early morning product knowledge so I was feeling on top of the world.  I don’t like to make a big deal about winning but, I love winning, I almost love it more than eating which is saying allot.

As I rode the wave of my first win of the week, because there were a couple, one of my close friends/co workers arrived.  As we headed towards the mirror for some mirror talk and then a trip to the local water cooler, I could just tell something was just not right. She was just not herself. Maybe I was just in my own Glee world and could not understand why we were not on the same rose coloured page. Than she hit me with it “I don’t like Glee!!!! I won’t be attending your party!”  I felt like my fabulous tenor vocal chords were being ripped out! Did I ever mention I sing? I’m a fantastic singer.  I do all kinds of things like weddings, church functions and fundraisers, well anyway…  I was in the middle of my own Glee nightmare and she had become my “Sue Sylvester” and I was “Will Schuester”  I felt my Mac bronzer literally begin to peal right off my face.  My eye liner started running and my Kurt inspired hairstyle went frizzy and turned silver.

I remained positive however destroyed I was inside and continued to look forward to my party.  I tried not to let it bother me but I just couldn’t help myself.  I saw her talking to another co worker who was attending my little gala and suddenly I found my gay nerves all ash-ambles.  Was it jealousy? Was it the three coffee’s I had before noon? I think not, it was the ache I felt knowing, “She” had refused my very special invitation to one of the cities hottest parties.  OK so I’m over shooting but….. that’s when the real nightmare began.

You see I had forgotten for a moment that I have not been friends with this acquaintance for very long so she was  unequipped to handle my over the top tongue lashing and I unintentionally hurt her feelings.  Any of my golden oldies would have wrote me off to drunk and poured me another Merlot.  All I really wanted was some much needed attention I think.  A talented boy such as myself can only go on so long without that much needed applause back track running, you know like in “Happy Days”. Hey!  If your going to be a star!  It was at that precise moment I was wishing I was one of those lay on the couch, WWF watching, tire changing, flannel weiring kinda guys that never shared any emotion more than “Ya man slap another steak on it!!”

I had reached a whole new level of Queen B and I wasn’t lovin every minute of it.  Oh, that’s such a great song…. Lovin every minute of it… da da da da da… lovin every minute of it!!!!! Look it up!

Well as I wrapped things up at work and got things sorted out with my circle of friends, I’m still not convinced everyone survived the situation but my Glee party never the less went well.  My mirror chat buddy and me seemed to make it out alive even though she never did come to my party but at least now she understands, how much her attending any party of mine means to me.  Sometimes it’s not so easy making friends in a big old city but I do hope some of these new ones go on to become some old faithfuls. One can never tell.  You know how the song goes…. “What a difference a day makes.” well how about a rewrite “What a difference a gay makes.” I may be a little on the dramatic side and I may not always say the most politically correct things but I am what I am and heck if you can’t afford a friend a couple of mistakes than what good is that friendship anyway.

So I’m sending this official apology out into the void and hope that anyone who got wrapped up in my mellow drama this week can let it all go… breath deeply, in and out and repeat after me… There’s no pie like humble pie! God knows I ate a bit of it this week.  And for all of you readers who are completely lost here are a few links of reference to help guide you through.  Thanks to Ron, Carla, Robert, Stewart, Val, Alice, Julian and of course John for coming out. I think we had a great time.  Oh and thank you Kaarlo for being there in spirit! :o( Someday I’ll get to meet your boy toy! :o)  I am looking forward to this Tuesday’s Glee but think I’ll enjoy it with just me and John.  Now I’m off, I’m heading to the Toronto Marina today to spend some quality time with nephew.  Hmmm what a great excuse to try out a new menu!!! Marina, breakfast, sounds perfect!

And to L, your still my La Isla Bonita!

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