What Time Is It?

Posted by Admin1 on April 09, 2017
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If you blog at all, you will know how daunting it is to want to write your piece but for some reason the words just won’t come.  You promise yourself every week that you will start early enough so you can pass your notes to your editor so she/he has the time to go over your mess before it gets published for a certain deadline.  I’m not sure relationships are any different.

I think we all start with good intentions.  We have something we wish to say, but somehow between your brain and your lips the words just don’t come.  You just can’t articulate what is it you are really trying to say.  Speaking is one thing, being truly heard is another.

I had a business meeting down by the lake shore and after thought it may be a good idea to call up a new pal for a glass of wine.  I was delighted that my mate was available for a quickie.

We met for drinks at a very cool spot called E11even.  It is a little upper end and I was a little disappointed it wasn’t a dinner engagement.  I didn’t really have the time to spend enraptured in a whole meal. The conversation was stunning with a lot of “What’s your life look like” and of course as wine will do the time really started to get away on us. I had to get home and I know he had some pre-engagement that really only complimented one glass truthfully but it was so good! It was called Beringer Sauvignon Blanc, it was super delicious but I’ll leave the wine reviews for Erik!

Time is such a party killer isn’t it? I just enjoyed his company very much and his point of view on things is very refreshing. Of course I love my old friends but I think it’s healthy to make a new friend or two when your able. Friends are like restaurants I think. You always love your old  faithful’s but the new menu is always extremely appetizing!

The staff by the way were incredible. The banter they had with each other and their guests was outstanding. I felt like I was in an episode of Friends. My friend had to split as he was late for an engagement already and so I decided to stay to try out their Ceasers because of course I am trying to find the best one in the city! Let me just say three glasses of wine and two Ceasers later I was asking “What time is it?” It was E11leven and I needed to get my tipsy butt home!


4 kisses out of 5

15 York Street
Toronto, ON M5J 0A3
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