What’s Going On?

Posted by Bruce on January 27, 2019
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What’s Going On?

The Trans Military ban in the United States has been getting some attention of late, as it should being a message of hate propaganda against a minority group of people. Some of my readers may think, why speak out now against this particular hate message? Well to be fair it hits the closest to home, but in all honesty bigotry in all its forms in 2019 is complete bullshit. You would think as a civilization and after all the torture and hatred we have inflicted on each other we would finally wake the hell up and act like the evolved beings we like to pretend we are. I don’t understand why there is always some asshole trying to impose his or her control over someone else. Take this Trans Military ban for example, what difference does it make what gender a person identifies as and how does that affect whether it makes them fit for military service? What does one have to do with the other? Not a damn thing! That is the real truth about that. Sexual orientation, religious beliefs, creed, gender, station or any other assigned or understood label can’t possibly determine whether you can fight in the military in its own merit. Physical ability and mental capabilities should be the only real reasons to have to deny someone the honour of serving. Whether one has a penis or vagina or some form of either has nothing to do with an ability to do anything. The truth is, not a damn thing! People should be tested on real ability and if they pass the tests like stamina, mental and physical, they get to participate. It’s that fucking simple. People try to use their positions of power whether it be religious, political, mental, or physical to control and oppress anyone who appears weaker or different. It’s a basic primordial instinct to behave this way but thought and intelligence are suppose to steer us away from behaving as such. Unfortunately our ability to think and reason is also the achilles heel. Take religion for example, it’s not even based in literary truths and yet millions of people allow it to control their very existence. It’s fear. We are so afraid we will self destruct that we craft rules and laws and beliefs to keep us all under the thumb of some spirit in the sky. It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus to dictate your every waking minute. What could possibly be more insane than dictating to another how they wish to live their 80 plus years on earth. Harm ye none. That’s it. Don’t you think it’s time we allow ourselves to evolve beyond what we think we already understand. If we stayed as we were there is a tonne of shit we thought made sense only to find out later we were full of ego and frankly bullshit. If trans people want to serve their country then let them because whatever you are, the basic rule is if it’s your country you have the fundamental right to protect that geographical spot. Isn’t it? What asshole has the right to tell you you can’t if you are mentally and physically able? I could have a ten inch dick, it doesn’t make me automatically able to fight in combat. Neither would it be if I decided for my own happiness that I didn’t want to keep my 10 inch penis. Cringe or laugh all you like. That’s exactly what Trump is trying to say. I think it’s even more disgraceful than that. I think he is just a cheap ass and doesn’t want the government to have to pay for sexual reconsignment. That’s just an uneducated guess. The bottom line is it is no one’s business. Your decisions on how you desire to live your life (pending it is not to harm others) is no one’s business. No one has that right. But those crazy little power mongers make it their desire to control and manipulate everybody else. Fuck, we’ve built an entire belief systems on it and we throw millions of dollars into the pockets of these belief systems every year and we have no idea how to step away and just know that you are perfect in every way just as you. You don’t have to control or be controlled. You don’t have to harm someone to open their mind to new ideas. You don’t have to isolate anyone because they are not like you. I don’t get how we all survived this long to be honest but we better get it right sooner rather than later because we’ve built hatred into a billion dollar industry. Leave the fucking trans people alone. Your hatred is revolting.

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