When in Doubt Cut it Off!

Posted by Admin1 on June 10, 2012
Salon and Spa

For any of you that have yet to be convinced to visit my fabulous city, please don’t let the events of last week turn you off. Unfortunately every great city has to deal with people of this nature. It isn’t right but staying away in fear isn’t the answer either. I never like to be the voice of doom but hey let’s face it, peace and happiness is always a gamble.

In saying that, I firmly believe there is one thing in life that should, with no excuse what so ever, ever ever ever be a gamble. A trip to the salon!!!!! I have never been more serious!  Anyone who knows me at all, know my hair is my crowning glory. I have been blond, black, short, long, shaved,low,high and one thing is for sure, when done to perfection peace and happiness are not far behind!

I wrote a blog sometime last year about a wonderful salon in Yorkville. Well of late I have had very little reason to get to that neck of the woods and so sadly I have had to find another salon and this is not an easy task! Not to say there are not many wonderful salons in Toronto but finding just the right salon is also about finding just the right hair stylist.  Different strokes for different folks right?

Over the last many months I have stopped into several salons and as you may have noticed they didn’t make it onto my blog.  Now, there was one really great hair stylist, believe it or not at Zellers! I was in a pinch!!! But seriously she was wonderful but unfortunately Zellers is closing up shop to make way for Target. Very exciting and bittersweet all at the same time. She moved on and I lost her business card.

I find myself unhappy with the last several cut and styles so I was letting my locks grow out.  This week, I had made my way to one of my favourite strips here in the city “The Danforth” I love that strip! It’s better known as Greek Town! I have spoken about it before. However I normally go there for the food and to make a stop at this cute little pet store which I am going to tell you about in an up and coming blog! This day however I was just window shopping and looking for the next little shop to talk about.

There he stood before me “Salon Elias” Sexy, Sheik and Masculine! Just like me! Would I take the risk? You know some of these places look good and then they scalp you. There is a salon on Church Street, I won’t be cruel and mention the name but run for the hills. Seriously, after my hair cut the guy actually said “There, now you look like Justin Beieber!!!! I answered back “Sir I’m a 41 year old man. Do I look like I’m wanting to look like Justin Beiber? Of course he blamed it on me and my lack of communication! Can you imagine me being accused of that? So I ran and never returned back to that terrible excuse of a salon.

Wow see how a bad experience can come back to haunt you. That is why customer service is my passion and writing about it my guilty pleasure! I digress!  Back to the present, I decided to take a risk! There were two very friendly guys (One the owner and one “Mitxay” a Top Hairstylist) working on a couple of clients and there was no hesitation for a welcoming hello. On a scale of Hot or Not, they were Hot!! Unfortunately they were booked solid but built solid to!

Surprisingly Mitxay offered to squeeze me in. He asked if I could return in about a half hour. I was  impressed. I wasn’t dressed all that great and with baseball cap on and a can of coke in hand he made me feel like I had been a client of his for 20 years! That is what it’s all about! It’s a strong first step anyway. The final test would be whether or not he could actually do my hair to my liking. I’m picky and I know what I like!

When I returned from my half hour walk about, he was ready and waiting.  Even with his pinched time he decided a fresh hair wash and treatment would be the perfect beginning. Those hands! Forget about it! I feel Pretty, oh so pretty I feel pretty and whitty and…. well we all know how that ends!  As I sat in his chair he asked me what I wanted. I said “I have know idea!” He raised his shiny cutters and with a wink and a smile exclaimed “When in doubt cut it off!”

What a great cut and style! Not too much taken but just enough! Not to pricey but just enough! This family owned salon will be my hair retreat villa until the great Greek Gods say otherwise! Thanks so much guys for taking me on such short notice. I promise to call ahead next time! I’ll see you in a few weeks!

5 kisses out of 5

Salon Elias

799 Danforth Avenue

Toronto On



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