Wind of Change

Posted by Bruce on March 30, 2014

I don’t want to jinx us but I think Spring has finally arrived and with it a feeling of renewal.  This week was all about celebrating.  What you ask? Well me of course!  I celebrated a Birthday. It as a weird one this year.  Well it seems most of my Birthdays end up being a made for T.V drama.  My friends seem to think I like drama but the truth of it is, I hate it.

I woke up Tuesday morning all ready for my big day.  I get a little sensitive on my Birthday. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I know another year has slipped away and even though the new year ahead is always exciting there is always a weird feeling of loss to. Do you ever feel that way?

My good friends spoiled me once again with an excellent dinner party.  They prepared a deliscious roast, Yorkshire Pooding and a homemade cake.  I know. Fabulous!!  It went on into the wee hours of the morning and believe it or not I was a pretty good boy and wasn’t even hung over in the morning!

I had to save myself because today I am waiting for my brother to show up at my parents place. He is celebrating his 50th!!! Wow time zips by doesn’t it?

It feels like just yesterday he was buying me my first album Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  I only bring that up because as you may not know, I used to impersonate him in my shows! I was in great shape back then.  Not that I’m really out of shape now but I don’t have many opportunities to do that kind of dance.

We partied all night and spent time some time surfing You Tube to watch some of our favourite video. Some include Billie Jean The Motown performance by M.J.  We checked out a duo group from Canada and apparently friends of friends of my brother and wow they were amazing. Check out the link at the end of this blurb.

As we watched in amazement of these two younge girls my family could not help but ask me over and over if I would do some MJ moves. I declined! I said maybe if a new cd of Michael get’s released, maybe then I would put my dance hat back on.  Hey a wind of change is in the air so who knows!

Happy Birthday Bro!


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