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Posted by Bruce on August 30, 2020
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Please enjoy my special guest Erik Fleming and his awesome wine review!

Hi people!

I’ve been reviewing a lot of whites and ros├ęs recently so I thought I’d change it up and bring a red for you. This Malbec can also be enjoyed chilled slightly so it’s still good for summer drinking! Coming from Argentina, this wine is made from a world-famous varietal. Malbec were originally from France and were one of the five grapes used in a classic Bordeaux blend. Now France rarely plants this varietal, but it has thrived in the mountains of Argentina. Argentinian Malbecs tend to be medium bodied with dark fruits and softer tannins than the French grown Malbecs.

Kaiken is a very large and famous winery. The head winemaker is renowned around the world for his Chilean Purple Angel, which is highly sought-after and sells for $100+ in Canada. (One day I’ll do a review on that but not today, sorry). He shows his skills in wine making and Argentinian terroirs with his Kaiken series.

Canada started planting Malbecs recently in Niagara and I first tried one a couple years ago and I was so surprised about how well how Malbecy it tasted haha. I talked to one of the wine makers and he said that Malbec grows like crazy in Niagara, almost like a weed, but it’s keeping it alive during our winters that is the tricky part since it doesn’t live in cold temperatures. I would love to see more Malbecs from Canada but maybe I’m a bit biased 😇.

Okay so let’s talk about the wine now, sorry!

On the nose this wine has juicy aromas of blueberry, blackberry, plum and mocha. The wine has a medium body with smooth, soft tannins and gentle acidity, balancing the wine out beautifully. The flavours consist of blueberry, mocha, vanilla, black cherry, cassis and blackberry. Very easy drinking, enjoy on it’s own or with burgers, pizza, or grilled lamb. Drink now -2021. Great value at $15.95.

Hope you enjoyed!

Author Erik Fleming and Bruce Christopher

Editor Martin Rye

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