Wine with Erik F!!!

Middle Earth Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand – 17.95

So when I went to the LCBO I wanted to get some New Zealand wine I saw the name of the winery and I loved it (for those not sure what I am talking about, Lord of The Rings was filmed in New Zealand). I took the Wine down to the cash and the woman scanned the wine, it came up to $9.95, the cashier looked at the wine which had a label saying $17.95. She tried typing in the number on the bar code, the┬ásame thing, then she searched for it on the system and it said the $9.95 so she said, “oh well I tried”. So I got this sauvignon for $8 off. ­čÖé

This Sauvignon Blanc is very aromatic with fresh notes of grapefruit, citrus, green apple, green bell pepper and fresh cut grass. The palate is dry and has crisp acidity, good length, and notes similar to aromas. Drink this wine now with some sushi or white fish.

Erik for Bruce in the City!


Edited by Mary Ellen Monk


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