Wine with Erik F “Magnificat Greco di Tufo”

Posted by Bruce on June 07, 2017
Wine with Erik F

Hey, everyone!
So this week I have a fun white wine!  It’s a grape variety I’m sure is going to be very new for you (I’m only a little familiar with it) but here we go!
Magnificat Greco di Tufo
This wine is a great example of a Greco grape variety (granted I have not had many in my short life), the colour has a beautiful deep gold and, especially considering it is a younger wine, this is rare.  The nose has a very lovely aroma of peach, apple, pear, flowers, and mineral.  It is a very dry wine with a full body and a long finish with a nice mouth water acidity with an almost oily texture.  I would say drink now but it does have a tiny bit of potential to age for maybe a year.  Enjoy on its own or with seafood, butter chicken, or shellfish.


Erik Flemming for Bruce in the City

Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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