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Posted by Bruce on May 03, 2017
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got something different for you this month! At least I think it’s different, but I am gonna do a review on a sherry! YAY!
Lol yes, I hear everyone confused since sherry has a bad reputation, but since it has such a bad reputation it has THE best value. I will also do a review on a white wine for all of you that don’t want to give the sherry a chance.

First the sherry!
El Maestro Sierra 15-year-old Sherry, Spain – $16.95 375mL bottle
This sherry is an off-dry sherry with notes of fig, honey, and nuts. very smooth and complex with good acidity. enjoy this sherry with cheese or smoked sardines.

Next the white!
For the white, I picked a Gewurztraminer(guh-voorts-truh-meener) because I feel like it gets forgotten about plus it is a fun and complex wine with many styles and its lots of fun listening to people try to pronounce it lol.
Dirty Laundry Gewurztraminer, Okanagan Valley, Canada – $18.95
Now full discloser I picked this wine because the bottle came with a clothes pin which I thought was great because it’s such a subtle thing but it stands them apart from the rest. Anyways the wine itself was very lovely, it’s super aromatic with notes of peach, lychee, apple, citrus lemon, and spice. It is at just off-dry with mouth-watering acidity and a medium to full body which I found was all nicely balance with a good finish. Pair this wine with chicken, shrimp, and fish.

Erik F for Bruce in the City

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