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Posted by Admin1 on April 12, 2017
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Hey, everyone!

So I got a lot to share with you guys! (I’m also aware this is a bit late sorry thank you for baring with me!) I’ve been to 3 different wine tasting event in the last week and have tried many wines! Some that are amazing, some not so good, some in the LCBO, some not. The first event I went to was a California wine tasting that took place at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel (fancy right?), there were over 100 wineries there from all over California. Now not all of these wines are available in the LCBO, but some are, some will be released soon and others you will have to private order if you want them (but that process through the LCBO is annoying and long).

The first wine I would like to talk about was actually the first wine I tried at the event, it was a Cabernet Sauvignon, (I know very original) from First Press winery. This wine was to me a nearly perfect expression of the Napa Valley, it was fruit forward driven with silky smooth tannins and aromas of blackberry, cassis, vanilla, coconut, and mocha. This wine is available in the LCBO and is $24.95.

The next wine I would like to highlight is a sparkling rose from Chandon, why? Because this sparkling is an amazing value wine. The winemaker is actually a Champagne winemaker and has opened a winery in California. The wine is done in the traditional method (Champagne method) and is aged for a minimum of 12 months on the lees before release, this gives the wine so much complexity and only for the price of $33.95.

The next winery I would like to talk about is Cannonball winery. You have probably heard of this winery quite often the have a cabernet in the vintage section. I personally never tried them before and I got to try 2 of them, the first a sauvignon blanc, which was super refreshing and a lot of fun to drink. The wine had aromas of citrus lemon, tangerine, some floral notes, honeydew melon, and some green bell pepper, on the palette the had refreshing acidity and a long crisp finish. The cabernet was also fruit forward driven but still had some darker richer note like cassis, blackberry, and truffle with firm tannins that are well structured.

The last winery I would like to talk about is one the I had a bit of a moral dilemma for, only at first though, because their wine is organic (I’m against organics for many reasons maybe I’ll talk about it another day). So I said to the guy that I won’t try any and he’s like what? why? and so I tell him, he then tells me that it’s all biodynamic and I’m like omg why didn’t you start with that? (there’s a really big difference between organic and biodynamic, again maybe I’ll explain later). Let me tell you these wine were amazing (oh the winery’s name is Peter Franus wine company). The red so very smooth and very aromatic, very smooth and kind of rustic cabernet sauvignon. These wines are unfortunately not available in the LCBO but there is an agent you can buy it through, who was the guy that convinced me to try the wine.

On to the next! The Prince Edward County wine event. This event was much smaller but was nice because there weren’t as many people and it was easier to get to all the wineries. I could definitely say something good about all of the wineries there but I don’t have space to so I will point some out that really got my attention. The first one wasn’t actually a winery but a distillery, the only distillery in the County called Kinsip distillery. I know that I do reviews on wines but I love some spirits and have some educational background in it. This distillery blew me away, The vodka was made from 100% wheat and had such complexity and smoothness. they have a whiskey aged in oak with some maple mixed with it to give it some more sweet flavors. They even have a maple syrup that they aged in whiskey barrels and omg they are soooooo good! we were able to buy a bottle of the maple syrup and it was so worth it.

The next Winery I wanted to highlight is Three dog Winery and the Pinot Grigio they made (which is available at the LCBO). The Pinot was amazing and aromatic I asked him if it was blended with anything like sauvignon black because it had so much complexity and aromatics, which pinot grigios don’t normally have, he had to reassure me that it was in fact 100% pinot grigio haha.

The last winery I would like to highlight is the Traynor vineyard, the wines they are doing here are very old school. The wine I wanted to highlight from them was their Pet-Nat Orange wine, this wine is done in one of the oldest sparkling wine making methods (I recommend you read on their site how it’s done they put it very well) and it is such a fresh and still complex style that it really stood out from all the other sparkling that night (PEC has a lot of sparkling).

Now the last event! Oregon event! I actually went into this event with not much knowledge or examples of Oregon wines so this was a real eye opener for me, I had a really different perception of Oregon wines. I thought Oregon’s style of wines was going to be more like California where they are more fruit forward driven (new world style) but they were definitely more old world style driven. The wines were mostly Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Gris, with a few other varieties among them so there was a lot of wines that tasted very similar to each other (not saying their bad just nothing really stood out amongst those wines). There were a few wineries that I would like to say had terrific wines that did stand out but I am having trouble recalling which ones it was. To be totally honest this was my least favourite of the events it took us 20 minutes to get in and the show was only 2 hours long like I didn’t pay for an hour and a half I paid for 2. The music inside was very loud and it made it hard to talk to the people/winemakers talking about the wine as they poured it/I drank it, and it was very crowded. The winemakers and agents themselves were great, and I did have really great experiences talking with them but it was so short, I tried to make it to as many tables as I could and now that I’m trying to recall the names with the faces I’m actually having a lot of trouble. Very ashamed of it and I should have tried to do better maybe take my time to write things down but I didn’t so I will definitely take some of the blame.

So I believe that’s everything I wanted to talk about, I will leave links below for everything I talked about here. Thanks for reading! And thank you again for bearing with me!

First Press Cabernet Sauvignon

Chandon Sparkling Rose
Cannonball Sauvignon Blanc

Cannonball Cabernet Sauvignon

Peter Franus Wine Company

Kinsip Distillery

Three Dog Winery Pinot Grigio

Traynor Family Vineyard, Pet-Nat Orange

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