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Posted by Bruce on July 07, 2016
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WP_20160706_20_18_33_ProInniskilling Riesling-Pinot Grigio

Hey, Everyone! Sorry for the late review but I totally just lost track of the days (working too much thanks to bruce in the city… lol). Now before I get into anything I know what a lot of you are thinking, “A Riesling?! That’s too sweet, I don’t want to have that or read this review because I don’t want to give a Riesling a chance!”. But before you dismiss this review know that this is a dry Riesling. “What? how?” Well, let me tell you. Wine is made from grapes, were all good with that right? So the grapes are crushed and then the juice is pressed. The juice is then put into steel vats (or oak barrels) where yeast is added. Yeast is a biological organism that eats sugar and turns that sugar into alcohol. So that’s the basics of it, now it is the wine makes the decision of how sweet or dry he/she wants the wine to be. Most varieties only do well with being one or the other, such as Chardonnay is almost always dry, but Riesling is interesting. Riesling is really great in all styles, dry, off-dry, sweet, VERY sweet. Riesling got really famous in Germany in a sweet style late harvest. But here in Canada, most Rieslings are actually done mostly in a dry style. really? yeah! This wine is a blend of Riesling and Pinot Grigio and it is done in a dry style. Now that I got all that out of the way we get to talk about the fun stuff (well fun for me maybe not you hehehe). I Love this wine so I may be a bit bias but I don’t care lol. I was making my half ass thia noodle with penut sauce and it was a really hot day and I wanted a refreshing crisp wine so I grabed this guy and lemme tell ya, it was just what I needed! The wine has beautiful aromas of peach, green apple, citrus, and a floral note, but don’t ask me what flower because I cant tell a lilly from a lilac (is that how you spell that?). Now on the taste mmm it is crisp, great mouth watering acidity and wonderful fruity notes (but not sweet, don’t get sweet mixed up with fruity! They are DIFFERENT). Have this with thia food like me but maybe better quality thia lol I literally used mr noodles for the noodle part, or have it with chicken, or a nice citrus salad. You can pick this wine up at the Wine Rack or the LCBO for $14.25. Thanks for reading this is sticking through some of my crazyness. I wrote this with a TON of caffine in me.
Erik F.

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