Wine with Erik Fleming is back!

Posted by Bruce on April 30, 2020
Check it Out!

One of my favourite segments is back! Wine with Erik. Erik’s wine reviews will be featured the first Thursday of the month. I thought I’d give Erik the opportunity to reintroduce himself to you guys. Ladies and Gents this is Erik.

Hi everyone!

My name’s Erik. I used to write on this blog for a bit but took a break. Bruce informed me I was missed by some and others might enjoy what I have to bring. A bit about myself I suppose 😬 I am an absolute wine nerd, I love food, camping and the general outdoors. I have been taking wine courses and exploring the world of wine for 3-4 years now so relatively young in the industry but I have a specialization in Canadian wine. I don’t think I would be able to pick a favorite wine if you asked but I love Canadian, Chilean and Spanish wine. And ya that’s me! I hope you enjoy my reviews and that you find some new wines you enjoy!

Thanks Erik. Really looking forward to your reviews as I know my readers are to. See you next for your return May 7th 2020

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