Wine with Erik!!!! He’s Back!!!

Hey, everyone!  Bruce is back!  Isn’t this amazing?  It also means I get to keep sharing wonderful wines with you guys!  WooHoo!  I bet you guys have been thirsty this summer with all the crazy heat waves we have been getting here in Toronto.  Well, I’ve got just the wines for you!  The first wine is a fabulous white wine from Spain, brand new at the LCBO.  The other is a very refreshing red wine from right here in the Niagara region.  Hope you enjoy them!

Maetierra Atlantis Albarino 2015
LCBO Vintages – $16.95
This white wine from Spain is brand new to the LCBO and is a variety originating from Spain’s Rias Baixas region.  It’s also a variety of wine we don’t often get to see in the LCBO so I jumped at the chance to buy it when I saw it in the list of new vintages.  I drank it while sitting on my back porch enjoying the sun (it wasn’t one of the crazy heat wave days) and let me tell you, this wine is a real thirst quencher.  It is an extra dry white with good acidity and crisp notes of grapefruit, peach, orange peel, pear, and citrus.

Malivoire Gamay 2014
LBCO Vintages – $17.95
I believe I reviewed a Malivoire wine before and this is another good example of the wines they have to offer.  I enjoyed this wine while at my family’s place having some BBQ in the backyard and this red is very refreshing but still has some complexity and body.  Gamay wines are notorious for being light, fruity, and fresh and so they don’t offer a whole lot and are often blended with Cabernet to give it more body and structure.  This Gamay, on the other hand, has a nice medium body and some tannins while still retaining the freshness of raspberry jam, cherry, blackberry, and darker notes of mocha, and spice. The wine is dry with good structure and juicy acidity.  Try this wine chilled for about 20 minutes and enjoy on it’s own or with BBQ chicken or burgers and pizza!

Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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