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Posted by Admin1 on March 02, 2016
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Erik wine reviewBeronia, Rioja, Tempranillo Elaboracion Especial

So I was away at Blue Mountain for a few days snowboarding, and going back to the room after a full day of boarding makes you want to just be warm whether it’s by the fire, with hot food, under the blanket, or with a nice glass of wine.  This wine is a wonderful wine when you need to warm up a bit.  It certainly did the job for me.
This wine is a Spanish wine from the Rioja region and let me say this is a great example of what the wine from Spain is like.  On the nose it shows aromas of strawberry, cherry, vanilla, warm spice, and a subtle coffee note.  On the palette the wine is dry, full bodied, with good acidity and silky tannins with a soft, warm finish that lasts a good length.  Enjoy this wine with smoked meat, lamb sausages, or pates.  Great value wine of only $15.95 at LCBO.
Erik for B.I.T.C
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