Wine with Erik! Victoria Day edition!

Posted by Bruce on May 02, 2018
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Hey all! Erik here once again!

Its pre long weekend stock the cellar time so I got a couple wines ready for ya! I went away to the Niagara region last weekend so since last month I did PEC, this month I’m going to have Niagara wines!

Red stone sparkling rose – $29.95

This is one of my favorite sparkling a in Niagara and is consistently good every year. This wine has a lovely pink colour and has a very tasful label. The wine has soft creamy bubbles, only a touch of sweetness and mouth watering acidity to balance it all together. Very great sparkling for out in the sun!

Thirty Mile Bench gwertraminer – $29.95

My friend didn’t enjoy this wine while we were going through the Niagara but it was the first one we had and was still my favorite of every style we had of this wine. And that’s the fun thing about this wine! It has many different styles and people love it or hate it so try at your own risk! On the nose the wine has notes of honey, peach, spice, lychee and floral note but I’m bad with flowers so not sure haha. On the mouth the wine has a rich kind of oily body, is very dry, and has a nice acidity that isn’t to sharp. Have this on its own slightly chilled or with some old cheese.                                             Chateau de Charmes Cabernet Sauvignon – $15.95
This is a fun fruit forward wine with some oak to soften it even more. On the nose it has notes of dark cherry, blackberry, black current, and vanilla. It’s a dry wine with nice soft tannins and juicy acidity with the fruit just bursting out to greet you. Enjoy on its own or with BBQ burgers!

Erik Fleming for Bruce in the City

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