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Posted by Bruce on March 17, 2019
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“In 1615 Isaac Bedard landed in Quebec and from him sprouted one of the largest families in Quebec. My mom landed in Quebec in 1952 from Bristol england, so Im a zebra, half Quebecois half Brit” FITNESS Trainer David Bedard.

When I decided to get back to working out I honestly didn’t think I would be getting myself a trainer. I’m the kind of guy when it comes to working out, that would stay inside the lines. I’ve never been very comfortable in the gym. All those big guys smashing their big ass built bodies and strutting for who I could never figure out. None of my friends were really into working out so other than being very fit as a street dancer and performer I didn’t really do anything once that part of my life changed. I was super lucky when recently I met this guy, David Bedard a personal trainer at GoodLife Fitness. He’s a highly motivated personal trainer with over 6 years experience in designing and monitoring exercise programs based on client needs, goals, abilities, and anatomy. David has an ability to apply useful, tactful, and safe advice to individuals regarding their fitness program and related equipment.

He has a strong understanding of vital functions and vital processes of the human body. He’s energetic and motivating, always encouraging clients to reach maximum performance. He’s a solid communicator and his interpersonal skills are amazing when consulting clients about their achievements and challenges!
I’m so excited to have David at my side, literally. He gets right down on the floor with me and pushes me to new heights. I’m not saying everyone needs a trainer but if you decide to get one I hope they are as good as mine. I’m not sure how much room he has for new clients but he can be reached along with other great trainers at GoodLife Fitness. I hope you will all enjoy my fitness journey every Wednesday here on my blog “Bruce in the City-What’s the Buzz?!”
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