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Posted by Bruce on March 13, 2019
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Here we go!

For you, it’s week one of my fitness journey. For me, I’ve been prepping for months.
My plan wasn’t to blog about my lifestyle change but as my program of fitness unfolded I thought blogging about it may be the best way to keep me on track. What better way to reach your goals but to have your peers hold you accountable, in the nicest way of course.
This week is just a quick overview so you can get an idea of what I’m up to and if you like you can copy my program. It may be a good place to start.
Pick a gym you feel comfortable with. My fitness club of choice is GoodLife. I’ve been a member for many years. You’re probably wondering why am I not in the best shape ever? Well as life is, it’s complicated. It’s too easy to let life get in the way. Well the noise of life anyway. Between work, relationships, health issues, etc. it’s not an easy road of commitment but it’s not over until it’s over so you’ve always got to get back up on that horse. Now is my time!
I got myself a trainer named Dave. He’s around my age and I thought for me that is important for many reasons. He did a physical test with me to see where I was at. Apparently I did okay. I’ll share the actual results next Wednesday. It will be interesting to watch as things improve like the number of push ups, sit ups, etc.
I began by putting together my own program using GoodLifes convenient machines. They have nine machines numbered one through nine and the idea is to follow each machine to help strengthen those larger core muscles to quickly begin improving strength. I’ll post these machines for you next Wednesday as well.
With all the data Dave took from me he is putting together a workout program that will hopefully move my fitness health into the right direction. Not to mention get my glutes bootylicious!
I’ll be seeing him tomorrow for my official first session following the assessment meeting.
I’m pretty pumped and hope you will get some encouragement to start your own fitness program.

Bruce in the City

A note from my Editor:

Good for you! It’s important as we get older to remember that our bodies need more care now than ever before. I also started a weight loss program this year on January 2. My goal is to lose 15 pounds by July 1 (25 weeks away). I am at 10 weeks and have lost 6.5 lbs. It’s not a lot but it is a slow and healthy pace and I’ve already dropped a size in my pants which I am thrilled with. For someone small like me (5’1″) it doesn’t take much to notice a difference. So if I keep on this same trajectory I will meet my goal. I started with some simple things like a 4 km walk three times per week and I cut out all unnatural sugars. My big downfall is potato chips so it was the one thing that I still allow myself to have as a treat on Saturday nights when we have movie night with the boys. I knew if I tried to give up everything then I would fail. Good luck to you on your journey. I can’t wait to follow along with your progress.
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