Posted by Bruce on May 13, 2014
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I woke up this morning to cloud cover and hints of last night’s thunder rumble, but all the same I knew today was going to be an adventure!
I couldn’t contain the excitement surrounding me, knowing the latest Michael Jackson album had been released at midnight the night before and it was downloading into my iTunes as I slept.
I have been a fan of Michael Jackson since 1982 with the release of his iconic album Thriller.  It was then that I realised he was also the guy singing Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough and Off the Wall and then it occurred to me it was also the same guy I had watched on a children’s program years before when he was singing about loving yourself no matter what you looked like or who you were.
As I look back at those years it dawned on me that I had really never knew the world without Michael Jackson in it.  I could write an entire essay on how being introduced to his music seriously changed my whole life (but I’ll save that for another time).
Today boys and girls I’m dissecting the latest work from The King of Pop!  You’re wondering I’m sure how I can give it an honest opinion when I am such a die hard fan. Well that’s easy. An honest die hard fan always expected the very best from Jackson.  He knew this. That is what drove his art. That is what challenged him to deliver.  His fans were everything to him and when he would disappear for years and go into hiding, we knew it was because he was going to bring to the world something outstanding and timeless.
His last work released after his passing, to me seemed like a rushed project that never received the attention and the production it was worthy of.  I liked many of the songs on the album, but to me the magic that was Michael was missing for the most part.  It just wasn’t the right time for a Michael album. The world was still reeling in the loss of The king of Pop “Culture”.
Now though, given that we have all had time to  experience the loss and watch the children grow and heal from the loss of losing one of the worlds most significant artists of all time, we are ready to be moved by something truly special by Michael Jackson.
So does it deliver?  I’m listening to it as I write and Love Never Felt So Good is playing. Clearly well received already as it has been featured on Dancing with the Stars and Usher performed to it at the I heart radio awards.  It features Justin Timberlake who has become a mega star in his own right.
Love Never Felt So Good is a classic dance hit with references from the disco “Don’t Stop” years with a new musical twist to it.  It’s amazing and I’m sure you have heard it plenty all ready.
The rest of the album is truly killer! I waited with baited breath to rip the production apart and to judge it like the true fan I am but I’ve got to tell you, it’s REALLY wicked!
The second song called Chicago was given to Jackson in 1999 for review. He fell in love with it and went to The Hit factory in Manhattan to begin working on it.
Loving You: Song three on the album was written by Michael and was recorded in the San Fernando Valley during the “Bad” years.
A Place With No Name is amazing!!!! Period! The original and L.A. Reid’s production… It is a homage to one of Michael’s favourite songs “A Horse with no name”, also one of my favourite songs… I’m just sayin.
Slave to the Rhythm is a powerful song about a girl who lives a dire lifestyle to make ends meat.
Do you know where your children are? This is just an amazing track!!!! Really.
Blue Gangster is “Bad” and “Smooth Criminal” revisited!!! Welcome back Michael!!
The grooves on this cd will be jamming the discos and clubs all around this fine city of yours, I have no reservation on that!!!
You might as well accept it….Michael is back!!!!
All of the original songs are available on the deluxe cd and I’m encouraging you to pick that one up because you get to hear “Reid’s” vision along with the uncut and in some cases unplugged versions of Michael’s work.
The deluxe album also features a documentary that I’ll be watching after I post this blog so I’m sure I will be in the clouds shortly.
I have to tell you “Reid” really did something special here with this cd. You can tell he loves Michael Jackson and took great care in producing something he and all the fans could be proud of.
I have no doubt Michael’s kids are enjoying some “Magical Dad” memoires and memories today.
We miss you Michael. Now we can hold you close to our hearts once again!!!
Thanks LA. Reid for doing Michael right!!!!
4 kisses out of 4 baby!
Whoo hoo… See you all back here June 1st.




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