You gotta give a little!

Posted by Admin1 on November 28, 2010
Coffee Shops

Well here I am writing to you from my local Starbucks!  Plugged in along with the rest of the customers here to coffee and to surf!  This weeks blog was going to be all about a girl I know that is having relationship troubles but at the last minute I decided to make note of something I noticed while sipping my light roast. 

Bustle bustle bustle!!!!! Seriously, everyone rushing!  Ordering coffee, talking on their blackberry’s, texting on their blackberry’s, drinking more coffee.  Trying desperately not to miss something!  What were they going to miss? 

I’m going to make a guess here!  I’m thinkin Christmas!  I think somehow we are all caught up in the bustle and buy of the holiday season.  Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for gift giving and I love gifts as much as anybody else but I’m wondering just how many of those gifts we really remember from year to year.  Do we keep a score card of all the gifts we have been given?  It is amazing to me that we get all stressed out about stuff that in just a few short weeks will be forgotten or end up on the things to return list.

What are we really buying for?  Sometimes I wonder when we go shopping to get a friend or family member  a gift if we don’t somehow awaken the “Pride Creature” and purchase something not for the sentimental value but for the impress factor.  I know one thing everyone looks so miserable out here doing Christmas.  I was helping a lady on Friday where I work and she pointed out to me how down in the mouth everyone looked and they were Christmas shopping and she was right, they were.  We shrugged it off and thought together how sad. 

Here’s an idea.  Why not forget about the material things and try the spiritual thing.  I’m not talking religion here.  I’m suggesting to take some real time to investigate what people are really needing this holiday season.  Maybe that designer whatever just isn’t the gift that will be remembered or that’s needed.  In some cases it could be the very thing that could save the big morning but it’s possible we could do better.  

Here are some ideas for you.  Why not save a dolphin in someones name or adopt a child on behalf of someone through World Vision.  Maybe you could donate your time to a charity on behalf of someone you love.   Can you imagine what we could really do if we took the time to address a need instead of a want.  I don’t know maybe my coffee is too strong.  You decide but I’m feeling pretty confident that wracking up all those credit cards in the name of Christmas just isn’t  what was intended that night in the stable.  I’m just saying, just how many piles of stuff do we need before we get it “Satisfaction”.  So many “Good Wills” are filled with the ghosts of Christmas presents past.  I’m not saying don’t give gifts. I’m just saying sometimes  you just gotta give a little to give allot!

Well I better pack things up here and give someone my seat. At this Yonge Street Starbucks during a lunch rush, knowing when to give up your seat can be allot to give someone who is in need!

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