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Posted by Admin1 on September 04, 2011
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Happy Labour Day Weekend Everyone!

How did you celebrate the last weekend of the Summer holidays?  In tears, crying, sobbing, knowing the best of the year has gone by! I put my brightest head cover on and stopped by “Spirits” A cocktail bar/grill hot spot on Church Street.  My first impression was clean, very very clean. It even smelled clean.  We were just the boys to dirty it up a little.  I was joined by my two party faves Kaarlo, Julian and a new toy of mine, Robert who brought a new flare to an old flame of buddies.  Just an F.Y.I Wednesday night is cheap drinks and Apps night, lovely!  No frills eat your heart out! It’s amazing, all wine 7 bucks, appetizers 7 bucks, waiters 7 inches!!! The place is light in pretension and heavy on spirit!

I had some vino (Jacobs Creek South Australian Shiraz) and the boys drank beer, horrific.  We made a toast to the summer and to new and old flames.  Robert has just begun a new love affair with a lovely man he has just met.  After a couple of healthy glasses of beer, he began to let us in on, the all important second date.

Kaarlo was already half in the bag because Robert and I were late on arrival, so it was much easier persuading him to share the dirty details of his latest love affair run amuck!  His man is apparently somewhat political. Not Kaarlo’s strong suit. Kaarlo is more of your “Samantha” type “Sex in the City” but has somehow worked out his hot escapades with sexy new boy in-between political points of view.  Can someone say Liberate me!

It was my first night out in weeks, of course as you know, I have been taking care of, Mother In Law to be Alice from Wonderland!!!! What a crazy up hill battle that is but rewarding none the less.  Unfortunately John has to stay home while I’m out or vise versa until her hip, God help us, gets replaced, Lord have mercy.  One can’t even put into words what it takes to care for someone who is unable to do it for themselves but I am sure one of these days the words will come!! You can count on it.

Until then, I take a moment to party my butt off before heading back to “Wonderland”  We decided it was time to change the scenery and headed down the long gay road of cocktail lounges and bars until we ended up at the Rainbow Cafe. Not one of my favourite places but we past two of my closest friends on the patio, Ron and Allan. They just got back from their travels around the world and were having what was there 4 am pitcher of beer, thanks to the time change.  Of course we stopped and had two more healthy rounds before my phone started the distant retrieval ring.  I brake out  singing Lady Gaga “Stop callin, stop callin……” Funny no one else got a call on there phones.  Maybe their partners don’t care where they are?  Oh well we can explore this more later.

Ron and Alan told us all about their travels from Hamburg, Finland, Russia etc, I just love hearing about there trips and I’m sure we will get an invite to see the photos and to drink some spectacular wine.

The last stop on our journey was Pegasus where we played a few terrible games of pool. I hate to admit it boys but I was putting the balls in my pocket! Julian you weren’t actually losing! I know I rock! Man those balls get heavy!  At one point I was hiding 6 balls in each pockets! Stunning!

We have yet to make one bar our home base for manchat and cocktailing, who knows maybe “Spirits” will have to get a recount! How does next week sound?

Thanks for the great night Kaarlo, Julian, Ron, Alan and Robert!

“Cheers to our last blast of Summer bliss”

Until next week

“Let the Truth unfurl”

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