Posted by Bruce on February 05, 2013

Is it Tuesday already? Where did Sunday go?  Crazy week behind me.  Groundhog Day past. Thank God, he’s calling for an early spring. My head has been in the clouds this week. As it has it I’m late on my blog. Strange but true. February 5th eh, hm. My partners birthday! Well I already took care of all of that so I don’t have to worry.  Had a really nice dinner at our friends the other night. They got a wonderful key lime cake. We ushered in a new year for my other half.

Talked to a couple of girlfriends this week about our relationships. Funny we generally felt the same about our roles,  bottom, top, boy, girl.  Still my head is in the clouds.  I think it’s the winter blues.  Maybe it’s this damn cold. God knows I haven’t been going anywhere.  Between going and coming from work on the TTC, I don’t even bother leaving the condo.  This time of year certainly tests everything, relationships, patience, the ability to shiver.  When your cold do you shiver?

My thoughts are everywhere? Do you ever feel like this? Your focus seems to be anywhere else but where you are!  From my happy little condo in the winter, I can see the rush hour traffic moving up and down the Don Valley.  The leaves are a distant memory and the grey of the ravine and the hollowness of the trees leaves me longing for spring and the glimpse of the first buds.  So, my thoughts end up thinking about many things.

I think it boils down to this. Sometimes you just don’t feel like following the rules. Doing what your told. Showing up on time. Getting that report in sooner than later.  Sometimes you just don’t feel like eating the right foods.  Maybe, just maybe it’s ok to say, no.  No I don’t want to be at your beckon call. Maybe you don’t want to make the meal tonight.

I think it’s normal to feel that you just can’t do it.  I think January-February brings the worst out in people.  Let’s face it. Most of us are stuck within the smothering walls of home, when not working. We try really hard, going out to eat, watching tons of movies, bundling up and going for that evening walk that ends up giving you the flu.

Do you ever wonder about your life, your work. Do this! Do that! Make em laugh! Show the flag.  Do you ever feel that “You” are defined by what you do and not who you are?  Do you get home from a long day at work and feel that your presence at home is truly desired? Do you ever just feel like eating a whole bag of potato chips!

The point is this people. Go easy! The dishes can be done later. You can always burn off those extra calories and whether you believe me or not the world is not revolving around you. You can’t be it all. You can only be “You” and that is truly enough so be you as large as you can and they will just have to appreciate the effort!


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