Zombie Disco

Posted by Bruce on March 05, 2017
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It was Yorkville’s yearly Ice Festival that had me at that end of town recently. I do love a good ice sculpture. This year the weather was a little dicey but chilled off enough to keep everything nice and frozen. It’s been a while since I have been to Yorkville. It’s not usually my scene but once in a while I like to see how the other half lives.

The rich are so odd! I want to be rich and odd. When you’re odd and you are poor people just think you’re nuts, but when you have money people think you’re creative, eccentric and even talented. Who else can get away with their shenanigans like the rich? They can post nudie pics all over the place and everyone cheers them on. I posted my butt on instagram once and my friends almost wrote me off for crazy. I don’t know why. I want people to get to know the many sides of me. That happens to be one of my better sides.
I found out another crazy thing the young and rich get up to, “Silent Disco”. I stopped at Hemingway’s with some pals for a few drinks. It was my first time at Hemingway’s and I really wished I could give it a stellar review! It was slow. The service I mean. Painfully slow. We were just ordering drinks and a few appetizers and the person tending bar was slowwwwwwwwwww! I felt bad for our server who was very nice and an actress apparently. How very Rachael Berry! I even had to check on our drinks right at the bar to help move things along. I think the worst part was that one person at the table waited for her meal for an hour and a half. I didn’t realize this was happening to her until she mentioned it. She was at the other end of the table.
Well, when I caught word of this I couldn’t let that go. I mentioned it to the server but she didn’t recall the order happening at all. Now you ask, why would my acquaintance wait so long for the meal in the first place? But to me that’s not the point. Maybe she is shy. Maybe she doesn’t like to complain. All I know is when someone begins to share their concerns, people should take it seriously and do what they can to help. I wasn’t getting the vibe that this was happening so I asked for the manger.
The manager did arrive and I shared the concern about the missing meal and this is were it got interesting. He began to tell me his story about being in the military and how he is so disciplined and that his team is just as disciplined. Now don’t get me wrong, I love myself a good man in the military, but I wasn’t sure how this was relating to the missing sandwich. Was he on sandwich detail during his time protecting our country?
With my most respectful voice I repeated, “But the sandwich still hasn’t arrived”. He was very intense. I felt like saying, “Sir, yes sir”. In the end the sandwich finally arrived at the two hour mark and didn’t appear on a bill so that was a good thing.
OMG! Then the place went silent. The rooftop patio filled with young and old of all backgrounds. Apparently it was time for “Silent Disco”. So for $35 each for a set of headphones apparently people can party together with the DJ spinning tunes directly into their head. It was like a scene out of some zombie apocalypse. We unfortunately did not have the fabulous $35 headphones, so we were treated to a room full of a hundred people all singing the latest tune, out of key, dancing in a room filled with nothing but their creepy voices. There were couples on dates not communicating to each other at all. Just singing with deaf ears because of the headphone pumped in music and were completely unaware that when you are unable to hear yourself sing the ability to sing in tune reduces by like 1000! It felt like one very perverse social experiment gone really wrong! I knew for the first time in my life what Hell might be like. Creepy! Maybe I’ll check them out on a live music night instead!




2 kisses out of 5

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