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Beard of April


As we brace ourselves during this pandemic it is great to pause and give a shout out to Bruce in the City’s beard of the month. Meet Andrew. A sexy fellow with one kick ass beard. His official instagram @biskit797

  1. Born in Scotland now live in Northamptonshire, England
  2. Ex military
  3. Love to play Xbox
  4. Music is my life
  5. Films are my favourite thing to do

Bruce in the City

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Beard of March


Here is the Beard of March @wiccan_bear fresh from instagram.

Beard of February

  1. I moved to russia with 5 days notice
  2. After 11 years of living in russia I still can’t speak Russian.
  3. I started going bald from the age of 19
  4. I can sleep anywhere so long as I have my own pillows.
  5. I have watched the movies Top Gun. Heat and Ferris Beulllers Day off more times than I care to mention

@moscow_mike on Instagram

Thought I’d Drop In

Well, here we are. In lockdown. Pandemic totally horrific. I haven’t written in several weeks. I’m basically on hiatus but I just needed to say hello. From sitting at home all the time I’m just going stir crazy over here. I’m watching reruns of Sex and the City and I find myself dreaming about how the world used to be pre COVID-19. Between RuPaul’s Drag Race episodes and waiting patiently for the next season of Animal Kingdom on Netflix, I basically spend my days trying to keep my shit together. I’m no stranger to panic attacks and depression, but now it seems that’s literally my baseline now in supersonic speed. With all this downtime I guess all I can say is stay strong and go the course. I’m not the best at advice regarding this terrible time but I just wanted to say my heart goes to everyone who has suffered loss. Stay strong, we will get there. 

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Beard of January


Here is our first beard of 2021!!!! This is Ryan!! https://instagram.com/b34rd3dr0m30?igshid=6r3csujwohoi

5 fun facts
I’ve played guitar for 25 years
I’m 2nd level brown belt in Goju Ryu karate
I’m a software engineer
I’ve worked for EA games and Microsoft
Huge gamer

Beard Champion 2020


Alex, you kicked ass and won the Beard of the Month contest! Not easy to do when you are the beard of December!! You got a lot of love from your friends and fans!! You are now the official Beard Ambassador for 2021 www.bruceinthecity.com!! Lets hope this new year will be peace health and the end of Covid. You can follow this badass on his official Instagram @pittyboss Check him out and his amazing beard today!

Happy New Year!

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Beard of December

I have my own detailing business called the manly detail LLC.
I have my own beard oil I hand craft called Buck’d Up & bearded company.
I am a union electrical worker.
I’m married with a wonderful pit bull named Bambino
I am all about fitness and health, wood working and working on automobiles. @pittyboss instagram

With our final beard contestant for 2020 now posted the contest gets even harder. Vote now on my official instagram @bruceinthecity

Contest ends December 31st! Winner will be announced Jan 1st 2021. Vote for our latest beard on my Instagram!!!

Bruce in the City

Coming December 1st

Our last Beard of the year!!!!

Stay tuned!

Beard of November

Hey Brucesters!

I hope you all had a spooky and safe Halloween. I love Halloween and though I’m laying low at this time. I certainly watched my share of Halloween classics.

As you know I’ve taken a break from writing reviews and interviews for now but out of fairness to my fellow beards my beard contest will continue until the end of the year. Its my favorite time of month! Here is our badass Beard of November!! This is sexy man John! Go vote on my official instagram @bruceinthecity

instagram JONO

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